The Official Center Of The Universe visited January 23, 2019.

We love to visit some of the quirky places that are often overlooked in road travels. The title of this place amused us and as we read the information about it we decided that we should visit it.
To get there, drive WEST past Yuma, Arizona into California on Interstate 8. At exit 164 you’ll get off and take the frontage road to Felicity and enter the grounds of the Official Center of the World.

We were met by Felicia, whom Felicity was named after. She introduced us to the first part of the grounds and set us up to watch a video. It told about the project of getting the huge parcel of land and of making a particular point on the land the Official Center of the World that is recorded and set by law. There is a bronze plaque that designates the specific area.

You can read further on this fascinating subject and the fast paced recording of history by going to
At that site you will see a link called the pyramid for children’s story in which is a picture of the bronze plaque that is on the ground inside the pyramid among other links to the place. It was most fascinating to read the granite plaques called “The History of Humanity.”

Author: herold adventures

We are Jeannie and Dean Herold.

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